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Bonjour !

You have come to this page because you are looking for French lessons.

You are a non-French speaker resident in France and you feel like you should learn the language or build on the French you already have. You want to integrate with French people or understand the official letters you get in the post (and and be able to reply to them eventually) ; maybe you need French for work, or you want to develop your business...  you need to or feel like you should communicate with neighbours, officials, the postman, your baker, your kids' school teacher, watch telly or listen to the radio...  you haven't got much time to spare and you would like to be able to communicate rapidly…
 Then this could be what you need.

If you live in the north of the Allier département, around Bourbon l'Archambault, I will come to you for a weekly one-to-one lesson, or you will have a group lesson in Franchesse.  It's flexible, enjoyable and fast.  You will be introduced to the Direct Method, and given that you are motivated, dedicated to regular lessons and some homework, you will be able to have basic conversations rapidely if you are a full beginner ; you will bring home language you can practice in real life after every single lesson.



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